Rigid Stranders
AEI specialises in the design and manufacture of Rigid Stranding Machines suitable for the production of superior quality stranded conductor for low, medium and extra high voltage (EHV) power cables

  1. Highly compacted conductor (by die / roll)
  2. Prespiralled / straight sector shaped / Milliken conductor
  3. Overhead conductor ACSR/AAAC/AAC
  4. Pre-shaped wire (TW) overhead conductor
  5. Copper screening of power cables
  6. Steel wire / strip armouring
  7. Laying-up of control cables
Conductor For 95 mm2-3000 mm2 Cable
Up to 2000 mm2 in single pass
Configuration 1+6+12+18+24+30+36. No of wires: 7 to 128
Bobbins 630 mm DIN 46397 Standard / Modified
710 mm DIN 46397
800 mm DIN 46397
Cages Heavy duty fork type Cage structure.
Cages supported on self aligning roller bearings on both ends.
Totally enclosed gear drive to Cages.
High Speed 300 RPM / 250 RPM/ 200 RPM
Line Speed 75 m/min.
Auto increase of speed as bobbins empty.
Bobbin Pintles Motorised bobbin pintles with safety interlock.
Auto regulated pneumatic bobbin braking mechanism, settable at control desk, for uniform strand tension.
Optionally, self-compensating mechanical bobbin brakes. Wire-break detection on each bobbin, displayed at control desk.
Bobbin Loading Fast bobbin row loading using hydraulic floor type batch Loaders. Optionally, side trolley Loaders.
Haul-off Slanted design steel-cast Double Wheel Capstan with hard surface suitable for heavy compacting loads. 1500 mm dia to 3500 mm dia X 40,000 kg.f pull
Alternatively, Single Wheel Capstan / Caterpillar as per application.
Take Up Self traversing Portal Take-Up Stands
with diameter compensation tension control Reels up to 4000 mm flange dia X 40,000 kg
Drive Independent drive to machine elements with electronic synchronisation in case of power failure also. Optionally, line shaft synchronisation.
Controls Latest AC drives, PLC and Touch Panel control systems using Profibus & Profinet communication. Fault diagnosis, recipe and production reports included. Data feed to Client MIS over Ethernet.
Remote Assist Diagnostic access of control system by AEI over Internet link

Above specifications are indicative of the common configuration.
We customise the machines to suit the exact requirement of our customers.

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