AEI commissions world’s latest Rigid Strander
AEI 91(1+6+12+18+24+30) Bobbins Rigid Wire Stranding Machine in operation at the state-of-the-art IGBC Green ‘Platinum’ Certified Factory of KEC International Ltd., Vadodara for the manufacture of 3000 mm2 X 220 kv Milliken Conductor Cable
AEI commissions world’s largest Rigid Strander
AEI 128(8+12+18+24+30+36) Bobbins (630 mm) Rigid Wire Stranding Machine with automatic Batch Loading System in operation at Universal Cables Ltd, Satna-India for manufacturing compacted conductor up to 2000 sq mm in single pass for 400 kV cables
Showcase of AEI Strander at WIRE DUSSELDORF, GERMANY


AEI – Technical advancements

Machines is an innovation-led company with a focus on technical advancements in the stranding process. Our deep understanding of stranding nuances, technological prowess and machine building experience translates to limitless adaptability of the machines to evolving customer and product requirements. Read more Wire & Cable India. Read more

AEI – AEI Machines: The Name Synonymous with Rigid Stranders

AEI Machines was established in 1971 by Mr L S Jain, Chairman of the company, and has been manufacturing various types of rotating cable machines for the stranding, screening, armouring and laying-up of power cables and overhead conductors since its inception. Read more IWMA – International wire and machinery association,UK

AEI – Latest rigid stranders from the specialist

The latest range of high speed ASRB/E stranders is a result of the integration of top quality mechanical craftsmanship with the latest generation control systems. Read moreIWMA – International wire and machinery association, UK

AEI – Company Profile

AEI stresses on continuous innovation, based on latest product requirements and customer feedback, as absolutely essential to keep its technology ahead of competition, with 8 out of every 10 MV to EHV cable manufacturers and large overhead conductor manufacturers in South Asia using AEI Rigid Stranders. Read more Wire & Cable Technology International,USA

AEI – Technology & quality counts

AEI Machines over the years has become entirely focussed on the design and manufacture of highly reliable, high speed and advanced technology Rigid Stranders. Today the company competes primarily on merit of its technology and quality rather than price alone. Read more Wire & Cable Asia

AEI – Maintaining Leadership in Rigid Stranding Machines

AEI’s intelligent stranders incorporate features such as electronic shaft synchronisation (including during power failure), individual wire break detectors, auto regulated pneumatic bobbin brakes, motorised pintles, remote diagnostics over telecom link and fully automatic floor / trolley loading devices. Read more Wire & Cable India

AEI commissions world’s largest and latest Rigid Strander

AEI has commissioned 128(8+12+18+24+30+36) Bobbins Wire Stranding cum Screening Machine at Universal Cables Ltd., the largest and latest machine of its kind in the world, to produce compacted copper and aluminium conductors up to 2000mm2 for extra high voltage (EHV) cables up to 400kV in a single pass. Read more Eurowire

Record output from AEI Strander

“We are delighted with AEI Strander delivering record output of 46 km (90 tons) of Moose (600 sq mm) conductor per day making it probably the world’s HIGHEST PRODUCTIVITY rigid strander”, said Mr Vishal Sharma, Head Operations, Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

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